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 inspired by your favorite fairy tale villains in Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast.

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Jezebel's shapeshifting gift breaks every rule in Jinn.

At seventeen, she’s forced to keep it secret or risk having her ability severed, stolen from her completely. Despite the danger, a part of her is desperate to embrace her power.

When Jezebel's friends discover a portal to the human world, she follows them into the strange place, unable to resist the temptation to explore her gift where no one will see.

Except someone does. Someone Jezebel thought she could trust.

His betrayal comes in whispers at first. But all too quickly, those whispers become demands. And he’ll stop at nothing—not even blackmail—to use Jezebel’s power for himself.

One dark decision leads to another, until Jezebel stands to lose something she can’t live without—either her freedom, or her innocence.

THE SECRET GIFT is the first book in THE QUEEN'S RISE SERIES, inspired by your favorite fairy tale villains in Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast.



When another shape-shifter breaks into the castle and threatens the royal family, Jezebel's secrets are at risk of being exposed yet again.

Still learning the ropes of the secretive Jinni court, the life of power she's worked so hard for is put in jeopardy as the castle is locked down until the danger is eliminated.

With the Jinni Guard on the hunt for this formidable shifter, it’s only a matter of time before they catch Jezebel instead. If they do, her future with Prince Shem—and all her carefully formed plans—are over.

Jezebel must persuade the prince to buy her time, so she can track down this unknown shape-shifter before the Guard. If she fails, she’ll have no choice but to flee before the Guard discovers her hidden abilities and severs them immediately. Or worse.

The Secret Shadow is the second book in The Queen’s Rise series, inspired by your favorite villains in Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast. Over a century before Queen Jezebel crosses paths with Arie, Rena, and Nesrin, she’s just an innocent Jinni girl… who was betrayed.

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Engaged to a prince, but not queen yet, when the royal family tries to cut Jezebel out of the picture, she wonders if she truly wants a future with them... or if she should carve a new path with the enemy.

As Jezebel and the Jinni prince begin their engagement tour, the only thing worse than the Jinni resentment is the increasing attacks from the Khaanevaade that hint at impending war. When they attempt to kidnap the illusive prince, they accidentally capture Jezebel instead.

Despite their fearsome dragon-like abilities, Jezebel believes she could easily save herself. But first she hopes to learn the enemies’ secrets. This way, she’ll prove her worth to the royal family once she escapes.

Instead, she uncovers the royal family’s rejection and the tribe’s fierce hatred of all things Jinni, including her. The leader’s son hates her most of all. Yet, as time passes, her handsome captor surprises her by being just as remarkable as Prince Shem. Maybe even more so…

Jezebel is caught between two life-changing decisions—
and the princes that go with them.

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