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  • an exclusive writing group

  • writing advice and encouragement

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  • self publishing tips and training

  • social media tips to grow your author platform

  • connect with me & ask questions!

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what Patrons are saying:

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“Supporting Bethany Atazadeh on Patreon has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself as a writer. Not only am I supporting an author but I am learning something new every day. Bethany puts so much effort into her posts and the Discord group is a great place to connect and ask questions.”


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“Even though I’m new to writing, I’ve been so inspired by Bethany. Her knowledge and experience have been invaluable as I begin my author journey. I love her YouTube channel and Instagram posts. When I learned about her Patreon page, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. I appreciate the detailed writing/publishing tips and the 1 on 1 coaching! Plus, the Discord group provides a casual and enjoyable forum to connect with other authors, share references and most of all, write. Writing sprints over the last month helped me jump from 25k to 60k. Bethany is the sweetest and I’m glad to support her endeavors as she supports others like me.”


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"Supporting Bethany has helped me with my own writing journey. Being a part of a community where everyone builds each other up and cheers each other on has helped my confidence in leaps and bounds. Even just accessing the Discord group has been a worthy investment, but every resource she provides stems from her own honest experience and thoughtful advice."


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