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Are you terrified of marketing your book? Do you have it ready to go (or already published), but you feel stuck because you don’t know what to do next?


Book marketing can feel like you’re never doing enough. It can seem impossible. How do you know if you’re focusing on the right marketing tactics? How do you know which strategy will work for you? What if you’re missing something?


We’re here to help! Bethany Atazadeh and Mandi Lynn have each successfully marketed multiple novels and want to help you discover the best marketing tactics for YOU—starting with the book itself.


Your book is your MOST powerful marketing tool.


In these pages, we’ll walk through the ten fundamental aspects of your book that can make or break sales, and help you get them right! We’ll discuss genre, covers, titles, blurbs, formatting, editors, taglines, keywords, categories, how to develop a marketing mindset, and how to choose the right marketing strategies for you. This book is PACKED with information to help you succeed. Get your copy now!


From indie authors Bethany Atazadeh and Mandi Lynn, please enjoy the first book in this new series, Marketing for Authors.



“How do I get my book discovered?” It’s a question every writer asks, whether it’s their first book, tenth book, or if the book still needs to be published.


Every year the amount of books published grows exponentially and your story only gets lost in the shuffle. You know you should be marketing, so you start a website, maybe a newsletter or blog, but you’re really just talking into the void. How do you find a place for yourself on the world wide web?


From indie authors Mandi Lynn and Bethany Atazadeh, book two in the Marketing for Authors series is dedicated to teaching you the many things you can do to start or grow your author platform.


Your platform is your base for all your marketing, so build it well.


Each chapter of the book is dedicated to focusing on a different platform you can use to increase exposure for yourself and your book. We’ll be talking about your website, email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), blogs, YouTube and Pinterest. Learn from Mandi and Bethany’s personal experiences using content marketing methods to gain thousands of followers that translate into book sales.


This book is loaded with information to teach you how to create content that shows up and that people want to share. Stop struggling to make a footprint online and instead make the web work with you.



The key to book marketing is not trying to sell your book to everyone, but selling it to your ideal reader.

The third book in Marketing for Authors is about more than just using paid advertising to sell your book. It’s also about learning where to find an audience for your book and making your story an impulse buy.

Learn how to write sales copy and create graphics that help sell your book, whether in paid ads or on social media. You’ll get helpful tips and techniques to successfully promote your book through advertisements on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads Giveaways, and even email advertisements. You'll also learn about many free ways to promote your book, such as newsletter swaps and ebook promotion websites.

Book marketing doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars or require years of experience.
With an entire resources section at the end of the book, you’ll walk away feeling empowered to start promoting your book and ready to discover new readers. By the end of this book, you’ll know where to invest your time and money to multiply book sales.



Are you ready to learn how to sell more books on social media? Here are our 10 “secrets” to selling on socials!


Do you have a book published (or about to be published), but no matter how much you talk about it on social media, it doesn’t sell?

Here’s what most people won’t tell you: Followers do NOT equal sales! Growing on social media only plays a tiny role in selling on social media. We want to teach you how to attract the right followers who are ready to buy your book. Even more important, we’ll teach you how to engage with them in a way that turns a passive audience into excited readers and raving fans!

In book four of the Marketing for Authors series, we will touch on choosing the most effective platform for your books, as well as finding and building a valuable audience – but our main focus is going to be teaching you how to successfully sell your book online with confidence. Because the $$ amount in your bank account is not tied to your followers, it’s tied to actual sales.



You’ve spent months, maybe years, writing your book, now how do you get readers to buy it?

In Plan a Profitable Book Launch, you’ll learn countless ways to reach new readers and get sales for your book long before release day. Discover the benefits (and disadvantages) of pre-orders, how to host a successful cover reveal, create a publishing timeline, send out advanced reader copies, and so much more!

Every author’s book launch is different, and every release comes with it’s own set of challenges. Learn from indie authors Mandi Lynn and Bethany Atazadeh as they walk you through their experiences marketing and publishing multiple books so you can create the best book launch plan for yourself!

In the fifth installment of the Marketing for Authors series, you’ll learn how to take all the tools you learned in this series, and bring it all together to sell more books with every release in your publishing career.

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