SIGNED copy of The Enchanted Crown (hardcover)!  Personalization is included as an option to include your name as well as a short note if you would like one.


This deal lasts through the end of April 16th, 2022 and then the signing will be closed!


DELAYED SHIPPING NOTE: I'll order book stock after the website sale is complete on April 17th. It's estimated 7-14 days for printing and shipping, so I expect them to arrive around the end of April. I will sign all of them and get them in the mail with a few days, and then they will need another 7-10 days for shipping to their final destination. If all goes as fast as planned they *should* get to you by mid-May at the latest, roughly around 3-4 weeks after the sale ends, depending on where you live. Please keep this delayed shipping time in mind when ordering.


(International shipping is currently unavailable at this time, thank you so much for understanding!

The Enchanted Crown (Hardcover