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This is the checklist I follow when I publish my novels, formerly exclusive to my Patreon. I realize not everyone can do Patreon, so I wanted to make it available here too in case you'd like to support me and get a copy to help you with your book release.


FYI, this is just MY personal list of things that I follow. There may be some you don't want to do, and there may be other things you decide to add to your list in the future. But either way, there are a LOT of steps to juggle for self-publishing, so I find it super helpful to use this checklist for my own books, and you can add to it/adapt it as you go through your own process, but it will give you a fantastic starting point!


If you want to know what's on this list, you can watch my YouTube video called "My Book Release Checklist" to learn about some of the things I include in this checklist.

Book Release Checklist (2022 Update): Instant Download

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