The Writerly Care Packages are now offered as a DIGITAL writerly care package option for the first time ever!


This care package is fully digital, which means it will be an INSTANT DOWNLOAD!


The PDF has 14 pages total, plus a wallpaper image for the phone, and it includes:

- a Letter of Encouragement from me

- a Preptober Planning Sheet (for the month)

- a Word Sprint Tracking Sheet (and tutorial)

- Two Outlining Pages for the 15 Story Beats

- a Coloring Tracker for Daily Writing Habits: Bookshelf Design

- a Coloring Page with a Writing Quote for Inspiration

- a Penny meme (both in the PDF and as a .jpeg form for wallpaper for your phone)

- a page with BONUS freebies and resources

- a pretty notes page that you can print as many times as you'd like


This is for writing friends who prefer a smaller care package to help you with writing and getting ready for Preptober AND it's also for writing friends outside the U.S. due to shipping being such a pain right now!


NOTE: EVERYTHING in this Digital Writerly Care Package is also included in the Physical / Regular Writerly Care Package as well, in case you'd like to upgrade.


  • This downloads as a .zip file which includes a PDF download, a Microsoft Word Download, and a .jpeg of the Penny Meme that you can download as wallpaper artwork for your phone.


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