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Book trailers designed by Bethany


If you're interested in having me design a book trailer for your book, you must meet the following requirements.

Please read the following carefully:


1) You must be able to send me a finished, high-quality cover for your novel. (This will be the main photo featured in the trailer.)

2) You must be able to send me a finished back cover blurb (a.k.a. the synopsis on the back cover)

3) You must have a release date that I can include in your trailer (or the trailer will be used after the book is already released). Book trailers are for marketing purposes; I only want to make one if it will set your book up for success, such as promotional material for an upcoming release or for the release day announcement.

4) The trailer will take between 10-30 days, depending on my work schedule. You must book it at least 30 days prior to releasing it (unless you email me at and we discuss it and I'm able to do sooner). This time frame will start as soon as I've received all the above material, received your payment, and let you know I'm starting the trailer.

5) The trailer must include a copyright by me (i.e. "(c) 2019 Bethany Atazadeh")

6) I also very much appreciate a mention of my services with a link to this page, but it's not required

PRICING: as of April 2019, a book trailer (1-2 min in length, a song, the cover image, the back blurb or a slightly shortened version, and an announcement of where the reader can purchase the book) costs $150. (Note: this price is likely to go up in the future.)

If you're interested in a trailer, please email me through the contact form below. Make sure you confirm that you've read the above and have everything a trailer requires, and let me know the dates you're thinking for a trailer. If it's a good fit for both of us, I'll let you know and send you an invoice. If it's not a good fit (and I reserve the right to say no at any time), then I'll let you know I'm not able to complete the trailer.

Contact me to discuss book trailers:


To see examples of trailers I've done in the past, check out the videos below!


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